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Metal welding

Metal welding is used in the automotive and electronics industries to produce batteries, cable connections, etc. In metal welding, metals are welded in high temperatures, for instance. We differentiate between metal active gas (MAG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. AActive gases form a connection with the metal, inert gases do not. In ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic waves are used to join the metals.

Advantages of metal welding using ultrasonics

Ultrasonic welding offers numerous advantages over conventional metal welding:

  • Environmentally friendly: The weld process requires less energy compared to classic types of metal welding.
  • Precise: Ultrasonic welding is precise. This is important above all when welding very small metal parts, e.g. in batteries.
  • Gentle: Ultrasonic welding works without extremely hot temperatures. This ensures that the metals and other materials are not damaged.
  • Cost efficient: Ultrasonic welding is fast and does not require any additional tools such as solder.
Application Engineering

Application solutions for nonferrous metals

ultrasonic welding process solutions in battery management
ultrasonic welding in use cable terminal
process ultrasonic welding of metal foils
ultrasonic welding in use cable terminal


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Ultrasonic welding machines and systems

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