Herrmann Engineering

Benefit from the unique services of our HERRMANN ENGINEERING, with which we make your project a success! As Trusted Advisor we are at your side worldwide and develop together with you exactly the right solution for your application - fast, efficient and economical.

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Herrmann Engineering

We are convinced: the best ultrasonic welding solution is developed together. As your Trusted Advisor, we work closely with you from the very beginning. From the initial idea to the start-up of the welding systems and beyond, you benefit at all times from the unique services of our HERRMANN ENGINEERING. As a result, you get a solution that exactly fits your needs.


Whether it's welding tests in one of our ultrasonics laboratories, the integration of the systems in your manufacturing or a fast on-site service - our experts are at your disposal worldwide. With the experience of more than 60 years of ultrasonics and more than 2,000 successfully implemented welding solutions per year, you can rely on us.

Experience the advantages of HERRMANN ENGINEERING and start your welding project together with us as your Trusted Advisor!

As a Trusted Advisor, we provide consulting services from the very beginning stages of your application. Whether it's material selection, component design, or process development, we know the right steps to take to develop a safe, sustainable, and economical welding process together. We rely on long-standing technology partnerships and the results from over our 40 technology centers. Only when your application is perfectly solved have we achieved our goal.

"Each project is a new challenge. I never know at the beginning what’s going to happen. 
The best part is when I have developed a process-safe solution together with the customer." 
CARSTEN, Application Engineering

The right product for every requirement: as a Trusted Advisor, we find the right welding solution to suit your needs and budget. Whether machine, system, or component: every product is 100% Made in Germany and meets the highest quality standards. For you, this means you'll get durable welding solutions you can rely on.

" I am proud that our entire production is located in Karlsbad. I think it is great that our focus is on quality and thus sets us apart from the competition." 
STEPHAN, Production

Reliability, safety, and fast support in your language: our Global Service is a central part of HERRMANN ENGINEERING you can count on.

With over 20 Tech-Centers, our experts are available as Trusted Advisors worldwide, from start-up and optimization in manufacturing to comprehensive user training and maintenance checks. This is how we avoid unnecessary machine downtime and enable smooth operation of your Herrmann welding systems.

"I travel the world for our customers. When the phone rings, I get my boots on. There isn’t a problem that we can’t solve."
VOJO, Service

Achieve your sustainability goals with our efficient ultrasonic welding technology! With minimal scrap rates and up to 75% less energy consumption, the joining process ensures that your production becomes more environmentally friendly while reducing costs. Let your Trusted Advisor guide you on how our technology can help you become more sustainable and economical!

"Our environmentally friendly ultrasonic welding technology makes a significant contribution to implementing a circular economy. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions to ensure high-quality welding of recyclable and bio-compostable plastics."
JUAN, Application Engineering

Success stories from our customers

Together with our customers, we solve over 1,500 applications worldwide every year. Read our customer stories to find out how our ultrasonics solutions help them produce more safely, efficiently and sustainably.