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Ultrasonics. From the very beginning.

The birth of an idea

Walter Herrmann is a pioneer of ultrasonic welding. With his inventions and patents, he has contributed greatly to the industrialization of this technology. At the end of the 1950s, he wasn’t prepared to be content with the technical status quo. He had the idea of replacing the standard, very temperamental ultrasonic tube generators with a machine generator based on the dynamo principle. With a starting capital of DM 3,000, he founded this company with his wife, Ingeborg, in 1961.

The digitization of products and the working processes, the networked “Industry 4.0” production, and a modern, meaningful working environment – Herrmann is ready for the future.
The third expansion in Karlsbad doubled the area to 18,400 m². As well as the new construction, all existing areas underwent extensive modernization. The result is the world’s largest ultrasonic campus with lean-optimized production and multi-functional working environments.
Fourth business division: METALS. Ultrasonic welding systems for non-ferrous metals. Typical applications are lithium-ion batteries, cable terminal connections, and cable harnesses.
Third overseas headquarters in Kashiwa City, Japan, a north-eastern suburb of Tokyo.
Herrmann celebrated the 50th anniversary with 750 guests and a captivating multimedia show. To show gratitude for their life’s work, Thomas Herrmann and his sister, Sabine Herrmann-Brauss, gave their parents, Ingeborg and Walter Herrmann, the company chronicle ZEITPUNKTE.
The second expansion in Karlsbad increased the area to 9,500 m². In a tense global economic situation, this investment was a clear commitment to Germany as a production location.
Thomas Herrmann returned to Karlsbad from Herrmann Ultrasonics in the USA. As CEO, he took over the global management responsibility from his father. A core facet of his tasks is the international expansion of the Herrmann Group.
Second overseas headquarters in Taicang, China, an hour’s drive west of Shanghai.
First expansion in Karlsbad: the rotunda gave the site its own architectural identity. The focus here is on advising customers with new ultrasonic labs and training rooms. This expansion tripled the original area with 5,200 m².
DYNAMIC digital control: the world’s first 100% digital generator is based on the latest digital control technology. This permits an optimized interaction between the generator and the stack, regardless of component tolerances, temperature fluctuations or aging influences.
ULTRALINE replaces ultrasonic custom machines: standardized multi-head welding machines with modular structures for welding larger plastic parts. Typical applications are automotive instrument clusters, engine covers or lights.
Third business division: NONWOVENS. With the patented micro-gap control, Walter Herrmann came up with a great invention. It allows the continuous welding of nonwovens at high production speeds.
The first overseas headquarters: Thomas Herrmann, son of Walter Herrmann, founded the American subsidiary company Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc near Chicago.
Second business division: PACKAGING. Ultrasonic welding modules and systems for plastic-based packaging.
DIALOG: the first ultrasonic machine HMI control with graphic weld process visualization. A groundbreaking invention and for many years the only HMI control on the market which enabled an intelligent optimization of the weld quality.
Ultrasonic custom machines: customer-specific solutions for welding large plastic parts such as car bumpers, door paneling or instrument panels.
ULTRASAFE: the first ultrasonic welding machine with an industrially produced sound insulation.
Introduction of the world’s first high-power ultrasonic transistor generator: an important milestone for the further development of ultrasonic welding technology.
The future headquarters of the Herrmann Group was set up in the new industrial area of the town of Karlsbad-Ittersbach, with an area of 1,800 m².
Introduction of the first Herrmann ultrasonic welding machines for thermoplastic parts: establishment of the first business division: PLASTICS.
The foundation of the company
Foundation of the company Walter Herrmann Elektronik und Elektromaschinenbau in Karlsbad-Langensteinbach.

Humble beginnings. In a small, detached house in Ötisheim near Pforzheim, high-frequency technician Walter Herrmann converted a room in the cellar to make a workshop; the living room served as a design office. The first years were hard. In spite of his ingenious inventions and tireless efforts, there were always setbacks. But Walter Herrmann’s tenacity, his technical talent, and constant search for the customer advantage slowly led to that one-man operation becoming a company.