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Ultrasonic components for perfect weld results

Ultrasonic welding technology is gaining in importance and is an increasingly frequent integral component in modern manufacturing processes. As an efficient, material-friendly and sustainable joining technique, it is ideally suited for joining thermoplastics or non-ferrous metals. Many mechanical engineering companies use this technology advantage when processing plastics or metals in customized machines. Robust and reliable ultrasonic components are a requirement for this. Linked together on a mechanical basis, the converter, booster, and sonotrode create an ultrasonic stack with a determined acoustic resonance. All ultrasonic components receive a 100% quality check: “Made in Germany”.

Advantages of Herrmann ultrasonic weld components

Generatorsconvertersultrasonic sonotrodes – all of the ultrasonic components stand out with:

  • Robust designs for the prevention of costly manufacturing downtimes
  • Easy integration thanks to the modularity of the components
  • Short standstill times with the replacement of components 
  • Tried and tested quality with long availability of spare parts

Individual application options of ultrasonic components

Ultrasonic welding is used in an exceptional variety of applications: From the automated ultrasonic welding machine to the special welding machine through to the packaging machine. In the world of mechanical engineering, there are individual spatial situations in which ultrasonic components have to be integrated. In this respect, Herrmann offers a variety of types for individual customer requirements. In addition to this, requisite customized specialist developments are also realized at high quality. The tried and tested ultrasonic technology has also been put to successful use in the proprietary ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic systems and hand-held ultrasonic welders for many years