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Ultrasonic welding
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Ultrasonic welding means joining without adhesives, screws or heat from an outside source. During this process, material is strategically melted by means of ultrasonic vibrations so that a cohesive or form-fit joint is produced. As economic production method with short cycle times, ultrasonic welding ensures a large degree of process control and repeatable quality results.

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Battery industry

Nowadays, the requirements of battery products have become increasingly diverse and complex. In addition to precision, strength, and minimum particle formation, process validation and traceability are equally important quality criteria. Ultrasonic welding qualifies as the best suitable joining technology:

  • High strength
  • Process visualization
  • Long-term process stability


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Solutions for the
automations industry.

The demand of the production industry for complex and efficient automatic systems is constantly increasing. Herrmann Ultraschall therefore offers a wide range of solutions for integration of ultrasonic systems and components.

  • Ultrasonic systems for automatic systems
  • Ultrasonic components for special-type welding machines
  • Ultrasonic solutions for robot cells


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