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Basics Ultrasonic sealing

Ultrasonic sealing is particularly well suited for:

  • Thermoplastic films (pouches and bags) Tubes, trays, and cups
  • Tubes, trays, and cups
  • Cardboard packaging with thermoplastic coating
  • Valves and vents on films / filter materials
  • Screw caps on coated cardboard packaging / films

Generation of heat at the inside of the seal during ultrasonic sealing

Joint design

Focusing by means of contouring of the anvil structure

To initialize the melt formation, it is required for the introduced vibration energy to be focused. With film and other flexible packaging materials, this is achieved through appropriate tool design. More about energy focusing

Joint design

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Packaging industry applications. Food is better protected by good packaging and kept fresh longer which is more sustainable. Ultrasonic sealing technology has become an established and economic alternative of heat sealing.

Ultrasonic packaging technology

Sealing with ultrasonics. The ultrasonic PACKLINE modules are provided in a flexible modular system and allow for easy integration into packaging machines.

Ultrasonic seminars

Basic knowledge, ideal for packaging companies, machine builders in the field of packaging. The principle of energy focusing through seal shapes and the anvil profile is discussed in detail.