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A car is composed of far more than 10,000 individual parts, many of which are made of thermoplastic materials. Ultrasonic welding qualifies as the best suitable joining technology for scenarios with large production numbers of components.


Food is better protected by good packaging and kept fresh longer which is more sustainable. Ultrasonic sealing technology has become an established and economic alternative of heat sealing.


Laminating without the use of adhesives and embossing without the use of heat? The absolutely clean ultrasonic technology for nonwovens makes this possible. Materials are joined by means of locally limited heat generation.


Ultrasonic welding ensures maintained functionality of the components and provides continuous process monitoring unrivaled by other processes. Up to 130 different process reference data are available and can be visualized.


Sensors and electrical components are not only used in industrial manufacturing but also in automation engineering or in daily use.


Using ultrasonics, consumer components can be produced and joined in a cost-effective way; at the same time, the process provides great flexibility in terms of design. High requirements for visual appearance, production speed, or geometry are met.