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For bags and pouches with zippers

ZSM Zipper seal module

Quick and secure sealing of zippers into resealable bags and pouches. The ZSM continuous sealing technology impresses in particular with the use of mono-materials. In spite of varying speeds, a high level of production performance and process stability is achieved. 

  • up to 35 m/min
  • Mono-materials
  • Continuous sealing

Sustainable materials with small processing windows are often difficult to work with. The seam result is shrunken and deformed, and is disappointing both visually and haptically.
The use of continuous ultrasonic sealing technology allows us to process even mono-materials to give them a secure seal, and the achieved seam result meets the expectations of the end user. The ZSM also achieves consistent sealing results even at varying speeds. Speeds of up to 35 m/min enable a high production capacity – and at the same time, digital Herrmann generators guarantee your process stability.  

Frequency [kHz] 35
Generator output [W] 600
Weld force min./max. [N] 68 / 295
Sealing velocity* [m/min.] *despending on film properties 40
Module dimensions (w x h x d) [mm] 850 x 300 x 170
Weight [kg] 53
Power requirement [V] 2x 230
Safe + consistent sealing

100% process stability

The proven ultrasonic sealing technology ensures the controlled introduction of heat to the sealing zone and thus achieves very precise sealing results. Herrmann’s ultrasonic sealing modules therefore guarantee a stable production process – tailored to your specific application. 
The digital Herrmann generator ensures that the process data which arises during sealing is recorded without a hitch. This makes reproducibility and controllability really simple, regardless of the time and place.

Problematic adhesion and the resulting need for cleaning are minimized thanks to the cold sealing tools. Down time is also reduced to a minimum.

  • Process safety thanks to a controlled heat introduction
  • Minimal down times as the need for maintenance and non-production times are reduced
  • The look: a perfect sealing result
Compact + flexible

Easy integration

Thanks to its compact size, the ZSM can easily be integrated into existing systems or new machinery. The hygienic design ensures ease of cleaning in the food industry and can also optionally be fitted to meet protection class IP65/67. Thanks to the continuous sealing process, the solution does not rely on bag sizes or number of rails – the production speeds can also be varied quickly and flexibly during the process.

Processing mono-materials safely + efficiently

Green packaging

The process window when sealing mono-materials is smaller than when sealing conventional packaging materials. We understand the challenges relating to sustainable packaging. ZSM is the solution for the safe processing of mono-materials with zippers – without compromising on the visual effect and production capacity! By using the continuous ultrasonic sealing technology, we are able to ensure both.

  • High production capacity
  • Available sealing solution
  • Tried and tested in practice
We see ourselves as your technology partner and solution specialist. Our aim is to increase the economic efficiency and quality of your application – for sustainable and environmentally friendly processes.
We work with you to develop customized solutions which correspond to your demands precisely. As experts in our field, we develop applications which make your project a success. Here, we rely on long-standing technology partnerships and the results from over 40 high-tech laboratories around the world.
We offer a premium product portfolio with the highest quality standards – Made in Germany. We stand for top weld results, professional integration and durability of all ultrasonic components and modules for an economical overall solution.
We guarantee reliability, safety and a quick on-site service as part of our concept, and immediate support in over 20 countries. For you, this means quick help when you really need it – at any time and in your local language.
A simple route to more sustainability: not a problem with our efficient ultrasonic technology! The ability to do without joining materials and the low energy consumption mean that your production process will automatically become more sustainable. Reliable bonding will also reduce your rejects and prevent you from generating unnecessary waste.
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