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Product Mngr. Volker Aust with the new AMG ultrasonic generator

The ultrasonic generator is the heart of the welding machine and delivers the vibrations for the ultrasonic weld process.

The newest innovation by Herrmann, the AMG generator, offers new interfaces and smaller dimensions and thus exiting potential for machine builders and automation houses. To align expectations for the new product with important key accounts before its launch, product manager Volker Aust recently toured North America. From Canada to the South eastern states he inspired chosen machine builders with his “demo case”: the fully functional generator ULTRAPLAST AMG 1200 W was fitted into a sleek aluminum suitcase which enabled a live demonstration of the generator connected to a control environment.
“The smaller dimensions, the variable interfaces and the diagnostic tool AMGsim were all real winners” was Aust’s conclusion, “mission accomplished!”

The AMG generator will be presented to the public at this year’s K 2016 trade show in Dusseldorf: Hall 11, booth E26